Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post from Android Phone

Well, Blogaway seems to be working fine. This is an app for the android phones which is basically a blogger client. I don't know when I will get an Android phone and start using my own application. :)

I wish all my friends out there, who blog quite a bit, get Android phones for themselves and then they can use my application, free of-course to blog and blog and blog.

It's quite a full fledged application, so you can do almost everything. :)

Enough boasting. Gud nite. CAT tomorrow. :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

Google - Conquer the World????

I shiver at the very thought. When I imagine this, although, it might not happen in the foreseeable future, still, it seems that it's not that far, and I can see it happening very soon. Soon enough, that frightens me.

We all know Google, since it's beginning, has been growing by leaps and bounds, (we should find a new word that describes such a kind of growth). Google is slowly penetrating every part of our lives. It's everywhere. And I guess, almost 80% of what we do on the Internet, is being recorded by the Google Servers. It's scary. It's like a big big directory of information on each and every person on the planet, dead or alive, why only people, they have records of each and every kind of organism that ever existed. Well, in a nutshell, all our data is distributed, and exists in the cloud.

All our mails, contacts, and more recently, Google has started saving our documents and pictures (with Docs, and Picassa), then they have our calendar, our notes, then our music playlists, our credit card numbers(Google Checkout), our addresses (needed when you sign in for Google Adsense or Checkout), all of our blogs, and what not. Now they have the Android phones with their OS running on it. So, all our phone calls and messages, can, practically be recorded by Google.

Google's motivation and ambition is to provide free and opens source technology to everyone. Well, for all these service Google earns a whooping sum, which I can't even imagine, through Ads. Well, if you think all this as a favorable ecosystem in which, with Google's technologies, our lives are getting better and better, it's a fairy tale, and we will only hope for the future to pass by us and present us the new world with Google's services.

I am sure, Google, has so much power now with it, that it could change the whole world. In George Orwell's, 1984, we see a world where the Big Brother has the only authority, and he changes the history, the past, the present and the future at will. Just because, he has all the resources of the planet, that he can manipulate. Imagine, if some day, Google really has this kind of power, I am sure, Google will really take over "Planet Earth". Afterall, power is what everyone wants.

I don't say that Google is aiming for it, but somewhere right in the Google's campus, there might be a psychopath, who dreams of conquering the whole world.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last days in Chennai

:) So, finally, I would be leaving Chennai soon. After almost about 6 months, I have decided to move back to Bangalore. The last 6 months had been quite difficult for me. Apart from the heat, there were a hell lot of other reasons that made me feel all alone in this whole world. No direct flights to Bhubaneswar, my hostel was in the outskirts of the city, had to go at-least 1 km to get anything. Recently, my Manager told me that I was living in a place which doesn't come under Chennai. So, theoretically, for the past 6 months I have been staying in some small town adjacent to the metropolitan city, though, the local business thought otherwise, and have been overcharging me for everything. :@

Well, in just about 20 days, I will be leaving. My room mate is searching for a new partner. He was a good fellow. So were my colleague and my manager at office.

Monday, November 9, 2009

And it stopped raining...

Just a few days ago, I was complaining about Chennai's weather. It was getting unbearable for me to survive here. The moment I reached home from office, the first thing I would do was to switch on the AC. Not to mention, the electricity bill for each month would be always directly proportional to the temperature, raised to the power of temperature itself.

On friday evening, I had plans of going to Bangalore to escape from the heat. But I guess, the rain gods had other plans. After I reached office, it started raining heavily. I was not aware of how Chennai's weather will be at this time of the year. I had a train to catch at 11:30pm (note: station was around 35kms from my place). I thought, by that time the clouds would have poured down all their drops. So, I got busy with my work. Ironically, I am currently working on a weather forecasting application. :) When I configured this application to show Chennai's weather forecast, something seemed to be out of place. It said, "Thunderstorms" for the next 5 days. Well, last week, it said the same thing, and that week was quite hot.

It was 5 in the evening, and I prepared to pack my things. Then my colleague stopped me and asked me to look outside. It was still raining heavily. Damn. I hadn't done my packing yet for Bangalore. I would get late if the rain didn't stop, I thought. After 30 minutes, I decided to leave. By the time I entered the open skies, it was only drops here and there. I reached my room without getting wet. :) Lucky me....

Switched on the AC, oh, that had become a habit, it wasn't needed. After 5 minutes or so, switched it off. Started packing. Got ready, to travel 35kms.

At about 7 in the evening, the rains came back. It must have been the heaviest rainfall that I would ever experience in Chennai. And it didn't stop until Monday morning. I had called up around 4-5 taxi services, but they were over-booked. The bus stop is 1km away from my house and there was no way that I could have walked that distance in this downpour. I had never thought that I would not be able to step out of my room because of rains. Lost hopes at around 9:30pm.

And now, on Monday morning, finally "It stopped raining". 2 and a half day, locked up inside my room, and above all, India loosing the series, it was certainly a test of my patience. My room mate was lucky to leave for Hyderabad at the right time. I slept a lot though. And for food, I used to call up a restaurant. The delivery boy would be cursing me. Ahh... Need to re-plan for the Bangalore trip again, next week.

Please don't rain next week. Please please please

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2nd November - One more birthday

It's Happy Birthday for someone.

Happy Birthday.

As far as I can remember, birthday bashes used to be very violent for me while I was in college. It always used to be fun, with so many people running in at the last second before the clock struck 12:00.

I was not exposed to such kind of violence before I stepped into the holy land of Kurukshetra. I didn't even know that there was such a custom on earth. Well, the first year, I escaped somehow. But, the next 3 years, apart from the kicking and beating, people pouncing on my debit card, I, kind of got used to this. Now, for me and most of my friends, it is a feeling of pride to be kicked on the back, without crying out loud. Well, after the beating, many people just walk away, boasting, "Dude, You could have done better. Wait for your b'day and I will show you how is it done".

To name a few, well, Sidharth, the greatest boaster in such a situation. And then, there were people who eagerly wait for the guy's b'day who had landed the most dreadful kick on his, and then there were people who just did some foot exercise to get some midnight snacks, and for some it was a party where one could get some free smokes. College life can never be forgotten, I miss those birthdays. :)