Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogger vs Wordpress

Ok, Surprised? Yes, I have changed the theme. Did you notice? I was quite happy with the old one, and I am expecting a lot of people to come and say, "the previous one was better". But, somebody who I asked to read my blog said, "The black background puts too much strain on my eyes, I am not gonna read this!!!"

Wow, I was trying to save energy by keeping the black background, and reduce my carbon footprint. But then, I myself had a look at it sometime later, I felt the same. And recently, Blogger just added this new "Theming Feature". I wanted to try it out. Well, as of now, there aren't many themes to choose from. It took me almost 2 hours to decide on one. :(

Google doesn't want to be the No. 2 in anything. It is fighting everywhere, and seems to be winning as well, except for China, where the Government, in a way is trying to throw them out. This would be a huge gain for the local search engine Baidu. Oh, I am deviating. Ok. So, Wordpress is threatening to take over Blogger's title as the best blogging service. Wordpress is great. It has a lot more features. It has hundreds and thousands of themes. So, I guess, Google has taken the first steps to improve Blogger now. I haven't used Wordpress ever, but I have heard that it is just great. But, with the user base that Google has, Wordpress doesn't seem to come anywhere close to Blogger.

I love Blogger and I would not shift to Wordpress for the simple reason that I am not willing to migrate all my blogs to Wordpress even though there are tools which take care of this. I am being faithful to Google, and not lazy as a lot of people might think.