Monday, May 31, 2010

Atop Nandi Hills

Well, we could not see the sunset, but the bike trip was awesome. Throughout the day, it was raining intermittently. And our clothes never dried. Though the roads were all wet, that didn't stop us from speeding our bikes. The ride down the hill was just great. With our engines shut off, we were still doing 60 kmph. We could have done better, but it was too risky.And before this, in the morning we also went for go-carting. It was the first time for me. After the first lap, I was riding along quite comfortably. Next time I will take along a few friends and race against them. I stand a good chance of getting the checkered flags.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A pro smoker

 Here's a cool YouTube video 

A 2 year child smokes 40 cigs a day. The style of his will bring shame to even the biggest chain smokers of modern times. Check it out.

Location : Karnataka,

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Nandi hills

On the way to Nandi hills. Raining heavily. Got stuck here. Loving it. Sam, Sinha, Lodhi n me on 2 bikes. Wanted to se the sunset on the hill top, but I guess, the clouds are gonna spoil our plans.

Location : NH 207, Devanahalli, Karnataka,

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My bike

It's almost 3 months now, and it was high time that I had uploaded a pic of my new bike. Here it is. 2500 kms up, with a few glitches with the battery during the initial days, my first bike has survived the torture. Max speed reached : 110 kmph.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Platinum looks classy. It's the new craze.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working on Ubuntu

After my Mac crashed at office, I lost hope. Damn, isn't there a single OS which will never crash!!!! I know, I know, they are machines. Morever OSes are just lines of code and even the best programmers commit mistakes. But, I cannot live with those if my systems keep crashing like this. My data is precious and I would do anything to keep it safe.
Well, I got Linux (Ubuntu) installed on my laptop. Getting all the necessary softwares for Ubuntu is a bit of work, and would require you to look here and there. Now, after around 2 weeks of working on it, I have almost set up everything required. A blogger client called (Blogilo) was the last one and I am writing this blog from that software.
It feels nice to work on this. Shifting from Windows to a Mac and then to a Linux has been painful at times, but hey, ain't I flexible? Just to add another OS to the list, I know DOS also. :)
Blogilo is nice by the way. 
@Update : The post couldn't be updated by Blogilo. It crashed. So, I am on the web now. Damn OSses.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Appjam '10 - A platform for the mobile community

Last Saturday, my dream came true. I had always dreamed to be at an IIM. This came true when I went to AppJam to demonstrate my Android application called "Blogaway" at the event which showcased the best 30 mobile apps. It was a 3 minute presentation and I couldn't really talk much, and didn't win any prizes but it was fun. Especially the iJam session and the ball throwing concept. One of my friends got a chance to present her idea in this session. Hahaha, she was hurled soft balls from all around the auditorium. But I guess, at the end they liked the idea. She is a lazy fellow and wanted everything to be done by her phone, without even her waking up from sleep. :P

The weather was just perfect for the day. There was another app from our company which was also demoed. Solaro for the iPad which is a client for the Solaro website. Tushar from Kolkatta had come down for the demo. The funny thing was, the duration of the demo was a mere 3 minutes. He also was sort of time, but we somehow managed.

It had rained while we were inside the auditorium of IIM Bangalore. And it seemed that everyone in Bangalore was happy that it had rained and the temperature had come down quite a bit. So, I guess all of them walked out of their home and clogged the roads. It took us 1 hour to reach home that evening. IIMB is around 15kms from my house. :(

We got free T-shirts. And the lunch was also free. I gobbled up 4 gulab jamuns. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screens of Death

Everybody knows what the "Screen of Death" is on a Windows machine. To be specific, it's called the "Blue Screen of Death". And we have learnt to live with it. I see it quite frequently on my laptop and I don't freak out any more.

I was pretty happy that I got a Mac for work at my office. I had heard that it's stable, it never crashed and stuff like that, and I had started believing that as well, until the day one of my colleague got the "Screen of Death" on his Mac. Well, the color was different and there wasn't even any text. Nothing was written. Here comes the "Pink Screen of Death" for Mac.

Well, whenever my Windows laptop crashed, I never cared to read what was written. Without any delay, I used to re-start my machine, and it would be back in action. On the pink screen, there wasn't anything written, so we decided that we would wait for some time. 10 minutes of waiting and nothing happened. So, finally, we decided to hit the power button, and within seconds it was fine.

I wonder whats the color for Linux machines, guessing that it should be black. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

India goes down

I had hopes for the Indian team to do well this time round. And I was pretty excited about a cricket match after such a long time which was not an IPL match. But, India has been thrown out of the competition. :(

Sob Sob... I didn't quite liked watching the IPL. So much of cricket was kind of boring to me. And when the T20 World Cup started, I was starting to feel "Indian". But, after West Indies ousted India from the Super 8 last night, I turned off my TV and went back to my laptop.

Without the likes of Sehwag and Sachin, I wasn't hoping that India would bring back the trophy, but I had definitely not hoped of an early exit for us either. It was heart breaking. But, I guess, I can't blame anybody. It's cricket, and it is just like that. West Indies was a better team yesterday and they won. However, I am not sure as to why Dhoni chose to bowl first after winning the toss.

I think I am losing interest in Cricket. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love Fridays

Who doesn't ? I guess, this is the most eagerly awaited day of the week for most of the humans on earth. Well, there are a few unfortunate lot, who have a 6 day week, but I think majority of the people on earth have a 5 day week.

My Friday morning's are really really different from the others. You won't believe that I wake up early on Fridays. So that, I can reach office early, finish work early, leave office early, and reach home early. Friday's schedule is completely different for me. The way we used to celebrate Fridays has changed now. Before all of my college friends dispersed from Bangalore, Friday was celebrated every week. A new hangout, a new reason to celebrate, some new friends and the same old beer. It used to be a lot more fun. There was no right time for anything on a Friday. We had dinner at 2am (Saturday, extended Friday), get some more beer at 4am (Saturday), sleep at 8am (Saturday) and wake up at 4pm (Saturday). That was pretty much the schedule for us. And midnight bike trips, walks, heated discussions, funny fights, we had it all.

But now things have changed. People have gone. Some people have quit drinking and smoking. Some people are married, some have girl friends and the rest have gone to foreign lands. Oh, and a few have joined some MBA colleges to study ( I think beer makes people think beyond their capabilities). There are still a few who are continuing with the traditional Friday celebrations, but only a very few and you never get hold of them. They have their Friday's planned out well before it arrives. When you call them up, you get a wry response, "Dude, I am booked!!!, You quit or what?? Bye, see ya next month ".

Aah, I just woke up from sleep, don't know why, and have nothing to do, than write this. I need a beer very badly. :( But, it's 3:30am (Saturday, Extended Friday) and still I love Fridays.