Friday, December 24, 2010

Finally, Vacations!!!

I wish it were college days again, where after every 6 months, we were allowed to go on vacations for a whole month. I wish it were college days again, where I could bunk some days. I have been pretty busy with office work, all this time. I am tired now. And finally the holidays have come. I will not be going to office from today till next year, a 18 day-long vacation.

A few days away from work, not even a month, and everything will be back to normal. Its been a very very long time that I have blogged about anything. Well, yet another year has gone by, and it didn't really seem like a year. For this New Year, I will be at home, away from office. But, the very beginning of the next year would be very very hectic.

I am 27 years old now. That means, that I have only around 50 more years to go(best estimate). All these 27 years had been fun. Well, it was a mixed bag actually, but most of it was fun and enjoyable.

I won this time Kunal, by a big big margin. :) Ok, you might be churning out better quality content, but that doesn't matter. :D

Right now, I have 3 laptops in-front of me. One is switched-off, one is sleeping, and the other is getting ready to be packed up and fly with me. YAY!!! Holidays.......

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Properous New Year.
(Just in case I don't find time to post while I am enjoying at the beach)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

God or Choas

I do not deny God's presence, but I still think about the possibility sometimes. Whenever I have an argument on this topic with anyone, I would almost all the time fight like a 100% non-believer and attribute all the events taking place to sheer randomness and chaos.

I guess, this world, is the best example chaos and randomness. If there were God, he must be doing real good to manage everything though. So, wouldn't it make God's life easier if we prayed only for those things which we really really wanted?